Elmira Mirmiran
1984: Born in Tehran,Iran
2008: B.A. in Graphic design, Science and Culture University, Tehran, Iran
Member of:
Panjshanbe Art Group
Charsoo Painting Group
Charsoo Printmaking Group
2008: Solo Painting Exhibition, Haft Samar Gallery, Tehran
Group Drawing Exhibition, Haft Samar Gallery, Tehran
Compact Print Exhibition, Umbrella Studio, Australia
2007: Contemporary Photography Exhibition, Elahe Art Gallery, Tehran
Contemporary Mini Square Print Exhibition, Denmark
2006: Contemporary Printmaking Exhibition, Day Art Gallery, Tehran
Contemporary Printmaking Exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran
2004-2006: Charsoo Group Exhibitions, Haft Samar Art Gallery and Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran and Isfahan
2005: Group Painting Exhibition, Niavaran Culture Center, Tehran
The Fifth Annual Exhibition of Art Galleries and Cultural Heritage, Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization, Iran
2003:  Jahad Group Exhibition, Bahman Culture Center, Tehran
Painting Group Exhibition, Shabda Art Gallery, Tehran

Elmira Mirmiran, Print
Elmira Mirmiran, Painting
Elmira Mirmiran, Drawing
Elmira Mirmiran, Drawing
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